LONDON 2015 ♪

Here are some of my impressions from my trip to London. ≧ω≦

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Let's start!

 photo Blog_25_11_15_02_zps8dj8qvvk.jpg 
Waiting at the airport.
 photo Blog_25_11_15_03_zpsifu0e6jx.jpg 
On the plane.
 photo Blog_25_11_15_04_zps8tocjpso.jpgAwesome shop!
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You can stick your finger in his belly button!
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M&M store.
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 photo Blog_25_11_15_11_zps2z8k7d1s.jpg 
 photo Blog_25_11_15_13_zpslgjwt9bn.jpgPiccadilly Circus at night. ♥
 photo Blog_25_11_15_12_zpslzsbvlqo.jpgFirst morning in Waterloo. I fell in love with this part of London!

 photo Blog_25_11_15_14_zpsznr1jfas.jpg 
 photo Blog_25_11_15_15_zpsdzskni2e.jpg 
 photo Blog_25_11_15_16_zpsxrh0yccw.jpg 
 photo Blog_25_11_15_17_zpsetgi3mzk.jpg Disney Store!!! ♥
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50£ for that Minnie plushie. Q////Q
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 I bought that cute cup with Chip & Dale on it. They're one of my favourite Disney characters.
 photo Blog_25_11_15_20_zpslystqrf5.jpgChristmas time in Hogwarts. ♥ It was already my 3rd time there.
 photo Blog_25_11_15_21_zpsyediohrf.jpg 
 photo Blog_25_11_15_22_zps9sqfdeol.jpg
I love my new wand (Narcissa Malfoy) and my Slytherin cloves. My sister bought the Gryffindor ones.


  1. OMG ;_; jealous <3 so many great things! The gloves btw!!! LOVE!

  2. Sehr viele schöne Bilder!
    Es sieht nach tollen Spaß aus. London ist immer eine Reise wert!