Good evening! (⌒∇⌒) Today, I'm back with some pics from our trip to Cologne. I planned this trip for our first anniversary in September. I can't believe that Jessi and I are a couple for already a year (and a month)! (灬♥ω♥灬) . We had three whole days in Cologne! On the first day, we went shopping , did some sight seeing and had a good lunch in a nice restaurant, on the second day we went to the zoo and on our last day we hung our "love lock" on the Hohenzollernbrücke (a cute tradition for couples to promise their eternal love for each other) aaaaand we played 3D miniature golf in black light. So funny! ☆ミ

 photo blog_08_11_15_01_zps40m3yrkc.jpg

 photo blog_08_11_15_02_zpsyrvc79wx.jpg 
On the train.
 photo blog_08_11_15_03_zpsuicokoxb.jpg 
 photo blog_08_11_15_04_zpsr8bvi8xn.jpg 
I bought that hat at Primark. I couldn't stop wearing it.
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The weather was perfect the next day.
 photo blog_08_11_15_07_zpsjdnt7wbq.jpg 
Let's go!
 photo blog_08_11_15_08_zpshv7s7urr.jpg 
 photo blog_08_11_15_11_zpsgcslrm8m.jpg 
 photo blog_08_11_15_09_zps0wammghb.jpg 
 photo blog_08_11_15_12_zpsmu7exwwp.jpgAn Impala. An animal and also the name of my favourite car.
 photo blog_08_11_15_10_zpsaupfqush.jpg 
 photo blog_08_11_15_14_zpsgw2frhun.jpg 
 photo blog_08_11_15_15_zpsjvk41jij.jpg 
 photo blog_08_11_15_13_zpsly6mjoag.jpgMe..trying to catch a Squirrel.

 photo blog_08_11_15_06_zpsporyhtyl.jpg 
 photo blog_08_11_15_16_zpspyukbigw.jpg 
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 photo blog_08_11_15_22_zpsjioqpcwd.jpg 
 photo blog_08_11_15_18_zpschfrgklu.jpg 
 photo blog_08_11_15_19_zpsflvhmnep.jpg 
Delicious pizza and Kölsch.
 photo blog_08_11_15_21_zpsd2tkm2tx.jpg
I won!!! 

 photo blog_08_11_15_20_zpsoby20g8n.jpg

Next weekend, I'll fly to London with my sister for three days. ♥♪


  1. These are very great picutres! I love the pizza and the Kölsch. Miniature golf was awesome!!! I love this location. And you...verry beautiful and very lucky :)
    Have a lot of fun in London.

  2. Sieht ja klasse aus. Die Bilder sind wirklich schön und ihr seht so happy zusammen aus, das ist wirklich toll. ^^