Hello ppl! ^_^ today I'll show you my new accessories for my new dress. Sadly, the dress still didn't arrive but anyway, at least I can show you some pretty headwear.

 photo blog_05_10_15_06_zpsqwvyv1pv.jpgEverything arrived in this tote bag.

 photo blog_05_10_15_01_zpsdtknowfw.jpg 
an adorable baret ♥ I wanted to own one for such a long time.
 photo blog_05_10_15_02_zpswc3mh1kf.jpg

 photo blog_05_10_15_03_zpsmazltk91.jpg

 photo blog_05_10_15_04_zps5n2ghjkh.jpg

 photo blog_05_10_15_05_zpsma9eb1yu.jpg
a simple with headbow

On Sunday, I'll visit the bookfair in Frankfurt. Keep looking forward for some new Lolita pictures. ^_~