On 21th February Jessi, two acquaintance of her and I made a little trip to Cologne. I got tickets for the "Harry Potter exhibition" and it was amazing! ♥ I was a little bit worried that it would be too boring for me cause I've already seen everything when I've visited the Harry Potter Studios in the UK (twice..) but I came to the conclusion that Harry Potter will never be boring for me!

 photo blog_26_02_14_16_zpszlhb9lyx.jpg
 photo blog_26_02_14_12_zpsahmwj3mt.jpg
 photo blog_26_02_14_15_zps9zyazsmy.jpg
 photo blog_26_02_14_13_zpstvovzkuq.jpg
 photo blog_26_02_14_14_zpsdxfjb6px.jpg
 photo blog_26_02_14_11_zpshrzne4rf.jpg
 photo blog_26_02_14_09_zpsd0wgagxp.jpg
 photo blog_26_02_14_07_zpsxgq4vudp.jpg
 photo blog_26_02_14_08_zpsklpz4lgh.jpg
 photo blog_26_02_14_10_zps2veimfij.jpg
 photo blog_26_02_14_04_zpslj6croqu.jpg
 photo blog_26_02_14_05_zpsoilhr5of.jpg
 photo blog_26_02_14_06_zpsgmakuwo6.jpg
 photo blog_26_02_14_03_zpsqnka5y2r.jpg
 photo blog_26_02_14_17_zpssrlnwbv0.jpg

Jessi made all the pictures. Her camera is amazing and I'm so happy that I can use them for my blog.

My haul:
 photo blog_26_02_14_02_zpso9tqtwoo.jpg
a poster
 photo blog_26_02_14_01_zpseq9pmusw.jpg
- A wand (Snape)
- a Slytherin scarf (even though I'm a Gryffindor :D)
- Chocolate frogs
- Bertie Botts Beans
- a poster (see above)
- a bookmark (a present from Jessi)

It was amazing and Cologne is such a wonderful city! I wish I can came back as soon as possible. ^_^

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