Hello my lovely readers Finally my new AP Boston Bag arrived today...well, better say I had to pick it up from the customs office ( ̄へ ̄). It happens to me everytime when I use Japonica Market. Honestly, I'll use another shopping service the next time (they did a great job though) but I'm happy now with my new bag and there's so much space in it.

Originally, I wanted AP's Dream Star Tote Bag in gold so I contaced LocoRoco but she told me that it's sold out in that colour. I was so disappointed cause I didn't get any offers from EGL-Sales neither. In frustration, I browsed through mbok and Yahoo auction and I finally found a bag I wanted for so long (Jewel Ribbon Boston Bag). Took me some while to get it here to Germany but now it's all mine.

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I also want to show you my new piercing which I got last Monday. This time I went all alone to the shop and I was so nervous (*´ο`*) but everything went well. The bar is still pretty long and it looks kinda awkward. I'm glad when I get the shorter bar.

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Me with (almost) no makeup. I somehow like this pic.

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I was a little bit creative the last days and I had a small idea in my head, so in the end I created this:

 photo blog_27_03_14_08_zps4ae9fd48.jpg

It's one of my Eskimo Callboy tops (as you can see) and I wanted to give it my own touch. It took me a while but I'm really satisfied with the result. I guess I'll wear it for the next EC concert. I hope they'll like it. (btw, that quote is from their Song CSTRP)