Star Night Theater VS. Eternal Rose Bouquet

Spring finally arrived here in Germany! My mood and motivation is really increasing because of the awesome weather. ~~~ヾ(^∇^)ー♪ I hope it'll stay like that because I'm so sick of Winter (even though we didn't even have snow this time but it was still too cold for me). However, today I felt like wearing Lolita again and of course I took some photos.

I tried two coords today and I think one of them will be my outfit for the Hanami in May. Which one is your favourite? I still can't decided which one to wear.

 photo blog_08_03_14_04_zpsaeb3aad3.jpg

 photo blog_08_03_14_02_zps4bc3f54f.jpg 

 photo blog_08_03_14_03_zpsdfc0f86e.jpg
 photo blog_08_03_14_05_zps3011462e.jpg
 photo blog_08_03_14_06_zpsfa65e048.jpg

 photo blog_08_03_14_07_zpsf1fe0f77.jpg
 photo blog_08_03_14_08_zps9a2e5117.jpg
 photo blog_08_03_14_01_zps1b95556c.jpg

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