Today I'd like to introduce a very cute shop to you - Modes4u. If you like cute shit stuff from Japan then you will definitely adore this store! They sell e.g. Bento boxes, fabrics, accessories and lots of kawaii school stuff (pencils, rulers, erasers, notebooks ...).

Thanks to Miya, I finally found a store where I can order most of my school stuff. I really have a weakness for these kind of things.

The shop is located in Hong Kong but the shop owner is German. The shipping was quite fast (in my case). It took just about a week.

 photo blog_08_02_14_01_zpsc35370fd.jpg
I ordered:
。Rilakkuma Bento box 。erasers 。 pencils 。ruler 。notebooks 。tape

 photo blog_08_02_14_03_zps8cf08199.jpg

 photo blog_08_02_14_02_zps9e81b380.jpg

 photo blog_08_02_14_04_zpsbd6b96c7.jpg

 photo blog_08_02_14_05_zps90d838f5.jpg

I paid about 28€ incl. shipping. I think their prices are totally okay!


  1. All the things you bought are very cute! (^O^)

  2. Ja ja~ der Shop weckt in einem die Kauflust. *__* Das kleine Ringbuch hab ich auch, da konnte ich nicht wiederstehen und die Zähne sind ja übelst cool. *Q*