Hello my lovelies I hope you all had a great start into the new year I celebrated New Year's eve with my girlfriend. We had no big party and I think it was a good decision because I didn't feel very well that day (okay, I didn't feel well the whole week ûu). Some days before, we drove to Konstanz and did some shopping...and we went to Sea Life ~~~ヾ(^∇^)ー♪
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The latest photo of me. I kinda liked my hair that day but I'm happy when I can shave my undercut again. It's just too long that way >_<

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I was so happy that I could finally visit Sea Life in Konstanz but afterwards I was a little bit disappointed because it's as small as the one in Speyer but of course I still had a lot of fun there.

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 Red king crab

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Patrick Star

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He smiled ♥

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I didn't know they also have penguins. They're my favourite animals ♥
(Look at the one in the back. He looks so angry xD)

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At the end of 2013 I bought myself a late christmas present.

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It's Angelic Pretty's Illumination Ribbon OP.
I wanted a black and simple velvet dress for so long and then I saw this one on EGL Sales.

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I also ordered a new pair of platform shoes and they already arrived but it's pretty hard for me to walk in them. I'm not used to these kind of shoes.

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I found a Moitie headdress (never thought I would ever wear a headdress someday~) which is perfect for the dress. I'll show you more pictures when the rest of the outfit arrived ^▽^

That's all for now. I think the New Year is also a good occasion to create a new layout for my blog but I guess it'll take some time, so my blog may looks a little bit chaotic in the next few days. Sorry for that! 


  1. Erstmal: Frohes neues Jahr. ^^
    Ich hatte auch keine große Party, aber meine 3 besten Freunde waren bei mir und wir haben lecker gegessen, das war schon ein guter Start ins neue Jahr. ^^
    Wow, das neue Kleid sieht super aus. Ich denke das wird dir super stehen. ^^

  2. Frohes neues Jahr Julien :>

    Das Kleid und die Schuhe sind der Wahnsinn! Hatte mich aber auch überrascht, da Du fuer mich eher der "farbenfrohe" Typ warst und jählings hast Du ein schwarzes Kleid inklusive Schuhe <3

    Die sea life Fotos sind wirklich gut geworden *Hautnahes Feeling bekomm*
    *seufz* Ich liebe das Meer und seine Primaten ;O;

    Ich hoffe, dass Du einen guten Start in die neue Woche hattest und das es Dir bald wieder besser geht!

    Allerliebsten Gruß,
    Deine Yume <3