I got tagged by Melty Royal Chocolate .

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Let's start!

1. What kind of blogs are you reading? Why?
I mostly read blogs which are about Lolita. There's no special reason for it I guess. I just like to see how other Lolitas do their coords and maybe get some new inspiration.

2. Where do you like to shop?
I love online-shopping. ♥ It's an easier and more comfortable way. I prefer shops like Impericon and EMP for my casual outfits and for Lolita I mostly use shops like ClosetChild or Sales-Communities.

3. Which blog do you follow/read the longest?
I guess it's Düsterkitsch (Arina). When I first came across her blog I was fascinated by her various looks and how she combines different styles. I really admire her because of her self-confidence and I wish I was at least a little bit like her.

4. Which blog did you subscribe to recently?

I'm not quite sure but I think it was Paradise Poison (Kyo).

5. What are your favourite 3 Blogs? Why?
Of course Düsterkitsch is still one of my favourites but I also like Sui Princess, Wonderful Wonder Ducky and Digial Lolita. They all have a gorgeous and unique style. I always look forward to new entries (^_^)

6. Do you like blog parades, challenges or other promotions? Do you do them yourself or are you rather participating?
What the hell is a blog parade? I've never heard of if.
I did a blog challenge before but it's so hard for me to blog about it regularly.

7. Did your shopping habits change through blogging? Why?
No, I'm the same shopping-addict that I was before.

8. Do you plan your monthly posts? Where do you get your inspiration?
No, I don't but I guess it would be better for me. I blog very irregular and I'm really sorry for that! I only want to write about things which are interesting enough for my readers.

9. Do you answer every comment/E-Mail you receive on your blog?
I mostly read the comments (and of course I'm grateful for every one I get ♥) but I answer to just a few of them. Don't get me wrong! I'm really happy about them but I think most of my readers don't come back to the comment to read my answer xD

10. Last but not least: Do you have any tipps for people who want to start a blog and reach many people?
I think an important tipp is: Just blog when you have something interesting to say. Nobody's interested in entries like "I spend my day in school/at work and in the evening I read a book". That's kinda boring. Also most readers like to have a look at pictures. It's really hard to read a long text when there are no pics.


  1. ; ________ ; Was für eine Ehre in so einer Aufzählung genannt zu werden. Ich bin so happy grad, DANKE <3