Hey there! How is everyone doing? Hope you're all fine. ( ^_^)/ my life is very chaotic recently and it's hard for me to write some interesting entries for you and that's also the reason why I'm uploading just a few pics today. Last night I had a new makeup idea and I wanted to try it out today. Sady, it turned out totally wrong and I'm not that satisfied with it. I don't know what's wrong with me but all my makeup ideas look horrible. XoX
 photo blog_091113_04_zps32ad3f7a.jpg

I didn't celebrate Halloween this year because I didn't feel well that day. Originally, my girlfriend and I wanted to attend a Halloween party in a Gothic club in Donaueschingen but we decided to stay at home and watch Supernatural instead. I think it was the best desicion for me because I had horrible headaches.

I'm feeling a little bit sad now because afterwards I had so many ideas for a great Halloween outfit!

By the way, I also made a new friend on the weekend which I spent at my girlfriend's place.

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That's her little kitty ♥ Her name's Sunny and she's soooo lovely! I totally fell in love with her. I also bought her some toys like a mouse and that feather-thing which you can see in the picture.

That's all for now, I'm really sorry! m(_ _)m

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  1. Das Make-up an sich find ich eigl sehr gut :3 sehr gothic.

  2. Das Make up ist Dir gut gelungen; mal was neues : 3
    Halloween wird iwie v jahr zu Jahr gehypet. ich weiß nicht warum man das feiern "muss".