Eternal Rose & Glass Bottle [Connichi 2013]

Today, I'd like to write a little bit about my previous weekend which I spent in Kassel. My friends Sara, Nicole, Anna-Lena and I attended Germany's biggest Manga/Anime convention Connichi like we do every year. As usual we had a ticket for Saturday and Sunday.

We arrived at our guesthouse at 11:30 am but we needed a long time to get ready, so we arrived at the convention area around 1 pm and I already started to get hungry. We first had a look at the various booths and afterwards I wanted to search for the room in which the Lolita fashion show took place.
There I already met Romi ♥ we watched the fashion show together later in the afternoon.

 photo Blog_17-09-13_02_zps54bdf4dc.jpg
Romi's first coord. It looks so lovely

I enjoyed the fashion show but it was way too short! Just about 10 minutes or maybe a little longer but of course all of the girls looked adorable as always. ( ´∀`)

In the mean time I got so hungry, so Sara and I decided to take the tram to the station cause there's a small chinese restaurant. After the meal I really was in a better mood! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ

When we came back to the convention area, I felt the need to spent all my money in less than 5 minutes! xD Look what I bought ♥

 photo Blog_17-09-13_21_zps9c1a4379.jpg
Finder no hyouteki (japanese) volume 7 + extra
2x Gothic Lolita bible
Angelic Pretty e-mook with Sugary Carnival tote bag
Metamorphose socks (found at Bring & Buy)
It's not that much but it was so expensive! >_<

After my little shopping, we decided to take some pictures of Sara's and Anna-Lena's cosplays. Unfortunately, it was raining so much! (;_・)

 photo Blog_17-09-13_17_zpseb849f35.jpg
 photo Blog_17-09-13_18_zps2489c27a.jpg
 photo Blog_17-09-13_16_zps90f079a1.jpg
 photo Blog_17-09-13_19_zps9b84c737.jpg
 photo Blog_17-09-13_20_zps063f3f26.jpg

We spent the rest of the day in the building because it was just too dark and cold outside. Nicole bought some glow sticks for us some days ago and we had lots of fun with them :D ♥

 photo Blog_17-09-13_06_zps68d4a4fb.jpg
 photo Blog_17-09-13_07_zps70b5fc28.jpg

Unfortunately, I took just a few photos of other Cosplayers but I'd like to show them to you. 

 photo Blog_17-09-13_01_zpse8008901.jpg
I met Ducky in the garden of the building. I really enjoy reading her blog. (^o^)/♪

 photo Blog_17-09-13_05_zps505f7ae9.jpg


On Sunday it took us like an eternity to get ready and our room looked like a total mess.

 photo Blog_17-09-13_09_zps1278448c.jpg

We didn't do anything special on Sunday, so I just show you the rest of my pictures.

 photo Blog_17-09-13_08_zps5397d875.jpg
 photo Blog_17-09-13_04_zps84f0c30f.jpg
 photo Blog_17-09-13_13_zpsfb9d2138.jpg
 photo Blog_17-09-13_14_zps6bfdecec.jpg photo Blog_17-09-13_12_zpsdee58641.jpg
Anna-Lena had to fix her weapon.
 photo Blog_17-09-13_10_zpsc5778901.jpg
My outfit for Sunday
 photo Blog_17-09-13_11_zpsd494e256.jpg
 photo Blog_17-09-13_15_zps00687563.jpg
Such a super cute dog


  1. Ich hab dich samstag ganz kurz gesehen, du hast toll ausgeschaut ^-^

  2. Echt tolle Bilder *_* Ich wäre so gern dabei gewesen *hach* Aber vielleicht klappt es ja nächstes Jahr~

  3. Coole Bilder, leider hab ich dich nicht gesehen. Deine Outfits waren echt schön. ^^

  4. und ich hab dich nicht gesehen ._. daaaammnnn~ deine outftis schauen so toll aus!

  5. trotz des Regens hattest du und Deine Freundinnen viel Spaß gehabt <3
    wenigstens konntet ihr die Connichi genießen.
    Dein sonntags-Outfits ist und bleibt mein Favorit <3

  6. Ahhhhhh - DU BIST ES. Oh man, JAAAAA ich lese deinen Blog auch fleißig x'D
    Ich hab's dir doch gesagt; mit Namen hab ich's leider echt nicht. Tut mir voll leid </3

  7. the convention looks really fun! and your coords are beautiful :3 I'm your new follower ^^