Hello my dear followers Yes, finally I'm back with some news and new photos for you  ☆ ~~~ヾ(^∇^)ー♪ I'm in a really good mood since a few days because some things happened in my life.
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Where should I start? The main reason why I'm so happy is, that I'm in a relationship since last Friday. It really happened quite fast and normally I'm not that kind of person who stumbles in a relationship so easily. I have huge problems to trust in people and I can't show my true feelings. Well, I was single for four (!) years and I was so sick of being alone and then I suddenly met my girlfriend It's a long-distance relationship unfortunately but I'm sure the both of us will handle it.

Second reason is, that one of my favourite band (Yeah, the "band-thing" again) Bring me the horizon will come to Stuttgart in November. Of course I (or better say my best friend) already ordered our tickets. 

Last reason: Most of my ordered stuff arrived! EXCEPT of my new dress. That's so typical! ~ I have to drive to the custom tomorrow to get it. I hope it won't be too expensive. >_</ギャーッ!I will show you pictures of the whole outfit during the next week in my "Connichi outfit post".

I felt the need to dress in Lolita today. I really miss it ToT so I took this opportunity and dressed up a little and I also tried my new false eyelashes by Eyemazing. Please have a look ♥

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Best shoes you can wear for Lolita!
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Close-up of the lashes.
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I tried this hair style (inspired by Asuka).
It looks super messy because I did it in 3 minutes but I just wanted to try it.

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  1. Hübsch hübsch *-* Das SNT sieht immer gut aus |D

  2. Du schaust sooooo hübsch aus *O* Und die Schuhe sind epic zu Lolita ;)

  3. Du bist sooo hübsch :)
    Und ich freu mich wirklich fürdich und deine Freundin <3
    Ich hoffe, ihr meistert das mit der Entfernung :)


  4. Du siehst so toll aus *_*
    Und viel Glück für deine Beziehung ♥
    Ich freue mich für dich/euch ^o^

  5. Viel Glück für deine Beziehung. <3
    Deine Bilder sind auch wieder so hübsch und ich bin verliebt in deine Hausschuhe. XDD

  6. Du siehst zuckersüß in Star Night Theater aus <3
    Und von mir auch noch viel Glück für die Beziehung ^^

  7. Lovely outfit ^_^ You're soo cute~
    Your blog is nice and inspirative! I follow you :3

  8. Mich freut es sehr fuer Dich, dass du nun in einer Beziehung bist und Dein Glück genießen kannst.
    Warst ein jahr länger single als ich ^^" (seit 3 Jahren forever alone).