LONDON 2013 - 3rd & 4th day: DROP DEAD - Y U NO JUST OPEN?!

We didn't do anything special on the 3rd and 4th day. We just went from one place to another because we didn't know what else to do and we just enjoyed our time in such a lively city and had a great time. We just had one thing on our "to do list" left: Shopping at Drop Dead till we ... drop dead!

So, on our third day we first went to Camden Town! This time we weren't too early and all the shops had already open. That day I bought two shirts which I'll show you in my next entry but I can already say: I finally got my "deathly hallows" shirt which I wanted for so long ♥ and I also bought a new cap.

I also saw a booth that sells metalcore bandshirts but most of the them wasn't my taste. (I didn't like the design not the bands) so I dediced to order some new band shirts in the Internet when I'm back home. (And yeah, I already ordered a new one).

 photo London_d3_4_zps78fe2ab3.jpg
unrelated picture~
We also found a very interesting Gothic shop. You may know, there are maaaany Gothic stores in Camden but this one was special. Between all this black Gothic clothes was a shelf with Lolita shoes like Tea Party's, Rocking Horse and so on. I thought about buying a pair of Rocking Horse shoes because I always wanted them but I remembered that my luggage was already too full for another pair of shoes.

On the upper floor I found some really horrible replicas of Baby, Putumayo and also Angelic Pretty. The quality of the dresses was so poorly x///x They replaced the brand's name with another and also added a different tag with AP's logo and of course..another name! Just... horrible..unfortunately, I couldn't take any pictures because it was forbidden there.
After Camden Town, we drove to Piccadilly Circus again! Yeah, it's like our second home there! :D I wanted to visit the M&M store again just to smell the chocolate air again *w*

 photo London_d3_3_zps3950cd33.jpg

After this, we were ready for DROP DEAD! Sara and I adore this shop so much and we finally had the chance to visit the local shop! Well.. we thought so..
We first had some trouble to find that small shop but it turned out that it wasn't that far away from Hollister (just about five minutes away). When I saw the sign with the little kitty on it, I began to squeak like a hysterical fangirlie because I was so damn happy!

and then.. I saw another sign with a notice on it "Closed from 26th to 28th". At this moment I really felt like crying. Q/////Q Sara and I promised ourselfs, that we'll come back in a few weeks just for Drop Dead. Just for one day or maybe a weekend.
 photo London_d3_1_zps2c6c71e3.jpg

In the evening I got a hunger attack and I bought lots of food from my favourite store in Baker Street. They sell super delicious sandwiches and chocolate cake ♥
 photo London_d3_5_zpsc6cc0d8c.jpg

At the end, I'll just show you some last pictures :)
 photo London_d3_2_zpse1b56e1d.jpg
Manga store next to the M&M store

 photo London_d3_6_zps25427aba.jpg
I saw these cute cupcakes in Chinatown.

 photo London_d3_7_zpsd1797e70.jpg
Buckingham Palace

 photo London_d3_8_zpsf75c4354.jpg

 photo London_d3_9_zps866d4772.jpg


  1. Tolle Bilder! Aber total schade, dass der Laden genau dann zu war, als ihr in London wart. X__X

  2. Wunderschöne Fotos, auch Du siehst in zivil toll aus ^_^

    Stimmt es eigentlich, dass England schon teurer ist als andere EU-Staaten?

    Am meisten gefällt mir der Manga Sore q///q