LONDON 2013 - 2nd day: This must be heaven! ♪

Here's part no. 2 ♥ ♪ Like last year, we wanted to visit the Harry Potter studios in Watford again. It was Sara's first time there but for me it was a little bit boring because I already saw everything. Of course I was happy to be there again but I guess I don't have to see it a third time. Nevertheless, I really can recommend the studio's tour! Beside of that, we also visited Camen Town and Piccadilly Circus (again~) that day.

Before we had to take the train to Watford, we had still plenty of time left! We decided to take the next underground to Camden Town! ♥ Unfortunately, we were too early so most of the shops didn't even open. I used that time to make some pictures of empty Camden . . .

 photo London_21_zps91a02261.jpg
 photo London_24_zps23173e73.jpg
 photo London_23_zps249155c3.jpg
 photo London_20_zps880cb465.jpg
 photo London_22_zps0297925c.jpg

We decided to drive to Piccadilly Circus for a little bit shopping.

 photo London_26_zpsa4038091.jpg
 photo London_25_zpsac060416.jpg
I like Hollister but most of their clothes don't suit me qoq well, it's too expensive anyway. We decided to walk in another direction and then I saw it . . . a huge M&M shop! This was heaven! ♥ When you enter the shop the air smells like chocolate. The best thing I've ever experienced! :D

 photo London_27_zps0a6565b8.jpg

 photo London_28_zpsb2bdcfaa.jpg
 photo London_29_zps531d79e7.jpg

I bought something for my sister and her boyfriend.

After I ate this super yummy waffle...

 photo London_30_zps5c2fdf6b.jpg

... we hurried to Watford. (of course we were late like always..)

I will only show you a few pictures of the studios. If you want to see more, please follow this link: click It's about my first visit there with many pictures.

Here I'll show you my favourites ~

 photo London_31_zps71d53f83.jpg

 photo London_32_zps6b2f4469.jpg
 photo London_34_zps6bc8963f.jpg
 photo London_33_zps18949594.jpg
 photo London_35_zps97ab2f25.jpg

My next entry (3rd and 4th day) will be about Drop Dead, Camden Town and our way home ~


  1. Very nice blog! I really enjoy browsing through ^^ ♡

  2. Oh my, that chandelier is fantastic! Love all your pictures, seems like you had a grand old time. ^__^

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