Latest purchase

So, finally I'll make an entry about all the stuff I bought in London. Actually, it's not that much... that's strange - my luggage was so full when I arrived at home. ε-(´・`) フー

I didn't buy many clothes.. well, I guess I would have bought many clothes at Drop Dead ûu but you already know the story.

 photo Blog_20-07-13_3_zps6d77816b.jpg
Two shirts from Camden Town.

 photo Blog_20-07-13_1_zps4f3ef784.jpg
and a new cap

 photo Blog_20-07-13_5_zps1fe5c660.jpg
I bought most of the stuff in Chinatown like the three pens, rhinestones (for my new phone case), hello kitty hair clip, two rings, false eyelashes and two cute cases for contact lenses. I also bought three packs of tea and a small notebook (for my classmate). The "flower" in the middle is from the M&M shop as you can see.

 photo Blog_20-07-13_6_zps8c4ef2d5.jpg

 photo Blog_20-07-13_2_zpsfc9ce0b8.jpg
Our Purikuras ♥

 photo Blog_20-07-13_7_zps9decf2a8.jpg
Stuff I bought at the Harry Potter studios and King's Cross.

 photo Blog_20-07-13_8_zpsb24a9c02.jpg
What a surprise! I found this poster in a huge souvenir shop at Piccadilly Circus. Of course I had to buy it. \(^ ^)/

 photo Blog_20-07-13_4_zpsb7a5db6b.jpg
my new Anna House blouse. I didn't buy this one in London but it arrived today, so I thought I should show it as well :)


  1. I love the two black shirts you bought! The pink blouse is also very pretty :3 Nice haul!

  2. Tolle Sachen. Ich mag besonders den ganzen Kleinkram. *_*