I wasn't sure if I should write a little bit about the Memphis may fire concert or not because I guess most of my blog readers are not interested in such blog posts / bands but... I just can't resist! ^_~ the concert was really THE SHIT! It was so awesome and I'm still flashed.

 photo blog_mmf_01_zpse04bd32c.jpg
My very simple outfit for the day

 photo blog_mmf_02_zps72dfdef2.jpg

We arrived quite early in Stuttgart, so we had some time left for a quick lunch at Mc Donalds. After the meal, we hurried to the underground station and then . . . there we saw Matty Mullins the singer of Memphis may fire! At first we weren't sure if that guy really was Matty but later on the concert we realized that he wore the same clothes. I could kick myself in the ass that I didn't run after him and ask at least for a picture or something like that. but hey . . . I saw him!
 photo blog_mmf_03_zps5c46784d.jpg
...Just a very blue picture of Saras hair passing through...

After that short moment of pure confusion and excitement we searched for the little club in which the concert took place. It took us some time to find that shitty, little club! Fortunately, the doors opened at 7 p.m instead of 7:30 p.m.

I have to say that I was horribly afraid that we wouldn't catch our last train at 0:19 a.m, so I was happy they opened a little bit earlier.

When we entered the club I was really . . . confused .. again! It was so small and the stage was even smaller compared to other clubs but okay, I got my place in the first row and I was happy.

 photo MMf_zps36b6c940.jpg
... just a very dark and blurry picture of the crappy stage passing through...

The first (of three supporting acts) started to play about 8:30 p.m and they were pretty good. Unfortunately, I didn't took many pictures of the first two bands.

 photo blog_mmf_04_zps007f3405.jpg

The third band was Betraying The Martyrs and they were even better than the last time I saw them live but this time it was more brutal as well. @.@ my arms are still all black and blue because I was pressed against the barrier during the whole concert.

 photo blog_mmf_05_zps810d6b6b.jpg
Betraying the Martyrs
At 9:30 p.m Memphis may fire came on stage and it was so fucking awesome! They performed many of my favourite songs like Vices or Losing sight.
It was a very good and intimate atmosphere between the crowd and the band, I didn't experience such a feeling on a concert before. ^_^
 photo blog_mmf_06_zpsc9469faa.jpg
Matty Mullins
 photo blog_mmf_07_zps1762de63.jpg
Sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures but I only used the camera of my mobile phone.

the best moment was . . .
 photo blog_mmf_08_zps97468fb2.jpg

when Anthony Sepe gave me his plectrum! *____* He shook everybody's hands and then he put the pick in my hand. Maybe he felt a little bit guilty because he stood on my hand while he (tried) to stand on the barrier with one foot during a song! xD I even got his water bottle but a security guy said I have to leave it here. 

The concert ended at 11:00 p.m and we had enough time to walk back to the main station ... or better say, back to Mc Donalds because we were so damn hungry! We had to wait about an hour for our train and arrived at 1:30 a.m in Karlsruhe. I was so tired and dead when I finally lay in my bed.
.. unfortunately, I had to work the next day and I felt like a piece of shit.. but it was worth it!

After some time of thinking, I've decided to create a new Facebook account. Like hardly everyone knows, I already have an account but I use it only for friends and I'm not really active there.

But now I thought it would be a good idea to make an offical account for Lolitas, blog readers, people I've met on meet-ups/conventions and so on. To cut a long story short:
If you'd like, you can add me here: Julien Pop (Don't take my last name serious, I was just listening to Bloodhound gang while I created the new account ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ)

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  1. Kenne die Band nicht, finds aber immer interessant wenn Leute von der Musik berichten, die sie gern hören. ^^