LONDON 2013 - 1st day: Purikura // Sherlock Holmes // & a Heavy metal store!

Time goes by so fast.~ On Monday I sat in the plane to London and now... I'm already back to Germany. I need a time machine, so I can visit London as often as I want! (*´ο`*)=3 Anyway, I took many pictures and I bought lots of cute stuff ♥

On Monday, we arrived quite early at the airport in Baden-Baden, so we had to wait about an hour 'till they finally opened the gate.

 photo London_01_zpsb8be8b1d.jpg
 photo London_02_zpsc599851a.jpg
The flight was okay but I was happy when we finally landed in Stansted, London. We had to take the train to Liverpool Street and then to Russell's Square where our hotel was. 
 photo London_03_zpsd977be88.jpg
After a short break we decided to do a little bit of sightseeing. We first took the underground to Baker Street because Sara's a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes and she wanted to see the statue of it which is next to the station.
 photo London_15_zps38436f12.jpg
 photo London_16_zpseccb2ff1.jpg
I'm not a fan of Sherlock Holmes but this tiles look just amazing!

Across from the Sherlock Holmes museum is a small store that sells band merchandise from british bands like Pink Floyd, Queen, Iron Maiden, Black sabbath and so on. Sara bought Pink Floyd shot glasses and I bought a Pink Floyd...pen! xD I even saw a
signed David Bowie poster ... for more than 1000 £ O_O

 photo London_17_zpsb7c3b249.jpg
After a short visit at the Baker Street, we decided to drive to Chinatown in Leicester Square. I often read that there's a shop with Purikura maschines and I've always wanted to try this out! O(≧∇≦)O It took us some time to find that shop..but we finally found it!
 photo London_18_zpseb22f64d.jpg
I'll post a picture of our Purikuras in an extra post about my purchases.

It was already 5.30 p.m and we started to get hungry, so we went to Pizza Hut! I didn't know that the salad at Pizza Hut is free there. You have to pay for it in Germany ( ̄へ ̄)

 photo London_04_zpsd92ce314.jpg
It started to get darker and colder, so we decided to drive back to the hotel first and change clothes. I was already so tired but we wanted to drive to Piccadilly Circus in the evening (^_^)
 photo London_19_zpse9de6062.jpg
 photo London_13_zps6d19c995.jpg
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Everything looked so yummy ♥

The next part is all about the Harry Potter studios (again...) and Camden Town! ♥


  1. Da wird man ja ganz nostalgisch ; w ;
    Ich war selbst erst vor ein paar Wochen dort ♥

    . .und gut zu wissen, dass es in London einen Puri-Automaten gibt! n __ n

    Liebe Grüße ~

  2. Ich war schon eeewig nicht mehr da. Aber ich will unbedingt wieder hin. London ist so schön~ ich liebe diese Stadt!

  3. Amazing pictures, seems like you had a great time in London~
    I follow you now ;3