We can be heroes just for one day ♥ [Hanami 2013] + Picspam

It's that time of the year again. I'm talking about the Manga/Anime convention in Ludwigshafen - Hanami! I'm visiting that convention since 2009 and it's always fun even though we have some kind of trouble like almost every year. This time it was raining again like the year before.

This time I decided to wear my Glass bottle of Tears JSK again. I really feel comfortable in this JSK and it's colour. Recently, I don't really like to wear pink, that's why I want to buy more dresses in white, beige or even black.

When we arrived at the convention, we first entered the building and had a look at the various booths which mostly sold Manga and Anime stuff. I was looking forward to buy some new Finder no hyouteki merchandise (even though I almost have everything! T_T) but I found nothing, not even a new good Yaoi. I really was disappointed.

Because the building was so full, we decided to have lunch first and after that we watched the show of Shinji Schneider. I love his kind of humour because it reminds me of Michael Mittermeier who's my favourite comedian.

.. after the show it was time for a little photo shoot! ♥

 photo blog_Hanami_15_zpsb2c032bb.jpg

 photo blog_Hanami_14_zps91e716c7.jpg

 We went to a little lake because there were baby ducks

 photo blog_Hanami_10_zps63917925.jpg
We even bought soap bubbles.

 photo blog_Hanami_17_zps3fe23c1e.jpg

 photo blog_Hanami_18_zpsdab25cc1.jpg
The "Benny and Dan"-Eiffel Tower. I love this Insider :D

 photo blog_Hanami_07_zps0451f643.jpg

 photo blog_Hanami_08_zps04de4ff8.jpg

 photo blog_Hanami_03_zps1324fe45.jpg

 photo blog_Hanami_04_zps4c9f2311.jpg

 photo blog_Hanami_05_zps5f745a83.jpg

 photo blog_Hanami_06_zps6769026c.jpg

 photo blog_Hanami_09_zps3e81fde4.jpg

 photo blog_Hanami_11_zps805a19b0.jpg

We went back because we wanted to buy some stuff! :D I got a pink Bodyline bolero at the Bring and Buy. I already own the white version of it as you can see in the pictures above. It was pretty cheap, so I bought it.

 photo blog_Hanami_01_zpsa106d10f.jpg

In the 2nd floor was Vanilla's booth and I bought two rings and a super cute necklace.

 photo blog_Hanami_02_zpsfba543e1.jpg 

Because the weather was so bad, we mostly strolled through the bulding. We even watched the Cosplay competition but I really was disappointed! Nothing against the Cosplayer but I didn't enjoy the show.
 photo blog_Hanami_16_zps7681179d.jpg

 photo blog_Hanami_12_zps95b9ee7b.jpg
In the evening we took some pictures at the station like last year. I guess that's my new tradition now! ^_^

 photo blog_Hanami_13_zpsd4425f08.jpg

I really got tired on our way home and my thoughts were somewhere else. I kinda felt sad, so I was happy when we finally arrived at home.

I don't know what to say about that convention. It's always fun of course! I enjoy small conventions as well as big ones. But every year it's gets more and more boring because I'm not that interesting in Manga/Anime or Cosplay anymore. Let's hope it'll be better next year!(btw, sorry for my bad english.I have a horrible headache today ~.~)


  1. Jetzt weiß ich wieder wo die Sternkette hingewandert ist. xD
    Wenn Du sie nicht gekauft hättest, hätte ich sie wohl genommen. ;)

    Du hast wirklich sehr hübsch ausgesehn! Der JSK steht Dir einfach wunderbar.

  2. Der JSK steht dir wirklich sehr gut *_* Ich hätte ihn ja auch so gern aber in blau *hihi*

    Bin schon sehr gespannt wie du die Ringe und Kette kombinierst...bitte dann ganz viele Fotos machen ;)

  3. ich habe dich gesehen am samstag, aber du warst iwie eilig vorbeigelaufen bist (?) xD
    aw bring & buy hätte ich mir auch gerne kaufen soll, aber ich hatte ja keine ticket für sa. nur halt so. :/
    und aww spyro, ich hatte mal früher das spiel gerne gespielt *__* ~