GEO Circle Lenses // Bambi Princess Mimi Sesame Grey \\

It took me some time but here it is: My new GEO circle lenses review! ♥ Like always I ordered them here: Eyecandylens . Please also have a look at my first review which you can read here . Please follow the cut to read the full review.  

I'm a big fan of circle lenses because in my opinion they're the key to a perfect doll-like look. I prefer the lenses from GEO because the quality is great and I only heard good things about that brand so far.

This time I ordered two pairs of lenses of the Bambi series. Chocolate brown (my favourites) and Sesame grey

 photo blog_cl_06_zpsbf19516b.jpg

 photo blog_cl_07_zps396c6efc.jpg 
 photo blog_cl_08_zpsc58959f9.jpg

 photo blog_cl_09_zpsc9ef20c7.jpg 

~ Review ~

Packaging & Shipping [5/5 points]
Like the last time, the shipping was quite fast. Please remind that they ship from Asia, so the shipping time can be different from time to time.The lenses came in a small package wrapped in bubble wrap. Beside of the lenses, you also get a free case for them ;)

Another good thing: Free shipping! (standard shipping)

Quality and comfort while wearing [5/5 points]


I'm used to circle lenses so I don't have any problems with them. I remember the first time wearing (GEO) lenses and it felt a little bit uncomfortable.
At first, the sight might be a little bit blurry but after a while it gets better!

Colour  [3/5 points]
That's the most important point!
I really like the Bambi series and I also like these pair of lenses but I'm a little bit
disappointed because the lenses are more blue than grey. I don't know if it's just because of my natural eye colour (which is blue) or if it's really because of the lenses. Anyway, they're nice and I will wear them more often.

Contact with shop owner [/]
There was no need for me to contact the owner.
You get an e-mail when your lenses are shipped + tracking number.


At the end I'd like to show you my result. 

 photo blog_cl_03_zpse9bbbdf1.jpg 

 photo blog_cl_02_zpsb0fc6366.jpg

 photo blog_cl_04_zps9b0cab14.jpg

 photo blog_cl_05_zpsaf290e59.jpg


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