Hello everybody! :) Today I finally booked my next trip to London! ♥ Seriously, I'm so damn happy that everything's settled now. I had some kind of problems to find a good offer because at first I've only searched for all-inclusive tours (flight + hotel) but I wasn't satisfied with the departure times. ...

In the end I booked the flight and the hotel separately, so I could chose the departure times by myself. Yeah, it was a little bit chaotic but now everything's fine. We (Sara and I) will be in London from 24.06 to 28.06. I'm a little bit sad because it's just a short time and I'd be soooo happy if I could stay a little bit longer (at least one or two weeks) but we will have enough time for sightseeing (we'll visit the Harry Potter Studios again ♥) and of course SHOPPING! (´∀`)

Apart from that, I got two awesome birthday presents yesterday which I'd like to show.

At first, I got two rings from Sara O(≧∇≦)O
 photo Blog_bd_01_zps41f79c00.jpg

They're so fucking awesome! Recently, I can't get enough of Drop Dead. I love that brand! I will definitely combine them with one of my Lolita dresses ♥

..and then I got another amazing present from my sister.
At first I got this selfmade card.

 photo Blog_bd_03_zps406727eb.jpg
That's our little insider :D

And this was inside the envelope..
 photo Blog_bd_02_zps195a4580.jpg 
Tickets for the Bon Jovi concert in Stuttgart ♥
June is gonna be a good month!

That's all for now.
Maybe I will write a little about the 'Memphis may fire' concert which will be tomorrow. :)


  1. Wirklich coole Geschenke~ besonder die Ringe *_*

  2. Du hast am 28 geburtstag? Ich hab am 29!
    Ist mir vorher noch gernicht aufgefallen ^-^
    Du glückliche... Shopping in lonon ist klasse *-*