Wonderland Tales Lolita Meetup ☆

I never thought, that I would be that fast with this entry. Currently, I have no motivation but I really wanted to write about the meetup which took place last Sunday. I took many pictures but a lot of them are too blurry and I'm simply too lazy to edit them.

I decided to wear my BTSSB Onepiece again. I'd like to wear it more often but everytime I put it on I feel uncomfortable in it. It really depress me because I adore this dress so much. (It was my first brand dress and I just can't sell it).

Nevertheless, I decided to wear it that day and I kinda liked my coord. I even made a flower headpiece the day before.

 photo blog_s_2_zpsf2a1cb28.jpg
- Outfit rundown -
headpiece: selfmade
dress and tights: Baby the stars shine bright
shoes: Secret Shop
Jewelry: Angelic Pretty, Chocomint, offbrand

 photo blog_s_1_zps1893f85a.jpg

 photo blog_s_3_zps0ebd3cda.jpg

I met with Tabea at Karlsruhe main station and we drove 3 hours (!) till we finally arrived in Gingen an der Brenz. There we met with the other Lolitas at the Steiff Museum. First we had lunch and afterwards we entered the museum. I was really looking forward to the museum because I had lots of Steiff toys in my childhood.

(Photos were taken by me but all the rights for the shown objetcs are reserved by Steiff Company)

 photo blog_s_4_zps82145458.jpg

 photo blog_s_6_zpsc10054a7.jpg

 photo blog_s_5_zps628c8f29.jpg

After a little tour we entered another floor with huge Steiff toys.

 photo blog_s_7_zps98c39269.jpg
We all loved the unicorn ♥

 photo blog_s_8_zps3a2c8b72.jpg

 photo blog_s_9_zps23115b0b.jpg

 photo blog_s_10_zpsa3d66d3e.jpg
Finally, I found someone who's smaller than me.

 photo blog_s_12_zpsb6c88a0c.jpg
Here you can see a part of the huge snake tube slide.
I was afraid that I would get stuck in it, so I didn't try it.

 photo blog_s_11_zps55dd1cf2.jpg
I laughed so hard about this picture which Michelle (?) took of me.
Look at the penguin behind me. Such a dirty bugger! :P

 photo blog_s_13_zps5a16e7a1.jpg

 photo blog_s_14_zps5b1624f0.jpg

 photo blog_s_15_zpsd5c672e1.jpg

 photo blog_s_16_zps39bc8247.jpg
A hospital for plush toys.

 photo blog_s_18_zps65e6082a.jpg

 photo blog_s_17_zps6bd4fc74.jpg

That's all for now! :)


  1. Haha, das Bild mit dem Pinguin ist echt gut xDD
    Sieht nach Spaß aus! Eure Outfits sind toll <(^ö^)>

  2. I love your outfit, it looks really nice. ^^