100 LOLITA Questionnaire: 71 - 80

Hello my dears ♥ Hope everybody's fine. :)
I'm sick with a cold again and the doctor gave me a sick note till Friday. I have to stay in a bed for the whole week! Well, I hope it'll get better till Sunday cause Tabea and me want to drive to a meetup in Giengen. .O.
I'm also planning to post my second Circle Lenses review soon. I just have to take some more pictures for you.

Well well, I guess it's time for the next part of the Lolita challenge. Here we go!

Questions: 71- 80

71. What age should you stop wearing lolita?
When you're feeling too old for it.

72. When do you think you should graduate from lolita? And why?
I never thought about that question before because I still feel comfortable in Lolita.
73. "You should stop doing that!!! >_<" What must a lolita not do?
Acting like a freak in public. Unless you're LovelyLor (♥) then then go for it! :D

74. "A lolita should be 'this'!" What do you think that should be?

She should be proud of herself.
75. Besides #73, is there anything you should definitely not do while wearing lolita?
Fucking! I really don't understand why so many have sex in their Lolita clothes. Normal people DON'T wear frilly dresses while having sex! XD
76. What do you think of men in lolita?
I don't have a problem with them. They can look as good as female Lolitas.

77. Did you change yourself to be a lolita?

No,I think not. I'm still the same person.
78. What does your family and other people think of you dressing lolita? And do you accept it?
They all accept it but the very first time I dressed in Lolita they thought it's just another strange phase I'm going through. Of course, I can understand their doubts.
79. How do you wear lolita in the boiling mid-summer?
If it's too hot I just don't wear it - that's it. When I'm at a meetup and it's so damn hot I have to clench my teeth and bear with it because I always wear a blouse under my JSK even when it's hot.
80. Have you gone to school or work in lolita?

No because I wear Lolita only in my spare time. I sometimes have to do some physical work at my job like carrying heavy boxes and such. I don't want my dresses to get dirty

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