100 LOLITA Questionnaire: 51 - 60

Part 6! ♥

Questions: 51- 60

51. Did you ever changed your clothes in a train station?

52. What do you think of "twin" and "triplet" lolitas?
It's okay but they really have to look like twins!
(source: Tumblr)

53. Do you practice any sport or related activity?
No! I hate sports! D:

54. Do you feel nervous when you wear Lolita at public?
Sometimes I do - sometimes I don't. Depends on where I am and on the time. I'm always feeling nervous when I'm alone at a train station in the evening/night.

55. How much do you spent in Lolita clothes per month?
It depends on my money :D Mostly about 30-50 € When I'm buying a new dress it's about 200-300 €.

56. How much time passed since you know Lolita and wear it?
I know Lolita since 2007 and I wear it since 2010.

57. What is your most expensive lolita item?
My Little princess coat by Baby the stars shine bright.

58. Lolita requires spending so much money. How do you save?
I have a regular income! ^_^ I save a part of it for items which require a lot of money.
To be honest, I don't have a plan for saving my money.

59. Do you work or did you ever work?
I'm working as a management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade.
I want to become an internationale personal manager but it's still a long way to go.

60. What store would you like to have in your town?
Angelic Pretty ♥ and Closet Child :D and some nice shoe stores would be nice.

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