100 LOLITA Questionnaire: 31 - 40 // NEW VIDEO COMING SOON!

Part No. 4

Questions: 31- 40

31. What is your motto? 

32. What are your dreams of the future?

Just be happy and satisfied with the things I have. I want a job that makes me happy and a girlfriend who truly loves me.
33. "She's so perfect for Lolita!"- Did you ever think it about any celebrity?
No - never.
34. Do you have any piece that's special for you?

My 6% DOKIDOKI Heart Attack ring. I wanted it for over four years and last year I got the chance to buy it ♥   

 photo P060812_1659.jpg
35. What was your first Lolita item?
A horrible Bodyline Onepiece. Urghs, I'm happy that I already sold it.
36. Do you pose in a special way for pics?
I often hold my pony bag in my hand like in this picture.

 photo FBM_04.jpg 
It looks so awkward Dx

37. What is your style "bible"?

38. What is your ideal heel size?
Doesn't matter to me.
39. Do you wear tiaras?
No, I don't like them.

40. Did you ever think try "Prince" style?
Oh yeah! I really love that style and I want to try it someday ♥

As you could already read in the post title, I'm planning a new video. It's going to be another makeup tutorial but I don't want to tell too much about it yet. I'm planing to publish it at the end of March/ begining of April. If you have any other suggestion for a video, please tell me! ♥

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  1. Ich liebe deine Ponytasche! *-*
    Kommst du eigentlich auf die LBM? (das wirkt jetzt zwar so als würde ich dich stalken, aber ich finde deinen Stil superduperflauschighardcoremäßig das ich dich unbedingt mal im Real Life sehen würde anstatt immer nur auf Fotos :3 Wenn ja bring deine Ponytasche mit, die will ich knuddeln. *random creepiness*)