Hello my lovely readers I'm back from my trip to Wiesbaden and I'm feeling so happy even though my whole body hurts. Yesterday's concert was the best I've ever seen so far. Of course I took some photos and a bunch of videos for you.

Fortunately, I got two free days so I didn't have to go to work.

I tried to take as much photos as I could and I already started early in the morning.

 photo aa_blog_01_zpsbf92275d.jpg 
Right, that's me before styling my hair. (my forehead is so huge ;O;)
 photo aa_blog_02_zps9939b992.jpg
After styling

 photo aa_blog_03_zps2a41bf6d.jpg

 My outfit for the concert
Before we went to the platform at Karlsruhe mainstation we bought some donuts, ice tea and a "Hello Kitty" energy drink.

 photo aa_blog_04_zpsab09aefe.jpg

 photo aa_blog_06_zps4ca0ffdb.jpg 

On the can is written "Malina" which is czech and means raspberry (please correct me if I'm wrong) but it didn't taste like raspberry at all. >_<

We were so happy when we finally arrived at our hotel. 

 photo aa_blog_08_zps345adae1.jpg

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Everything looked so noble! 

We didn't spend too much time in the hotel room because it was already 4:30pm and we wanted to go to the concert hall as soon as possible.
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Hair styling

 photo aa_blog_07_zps111a18d1.jpg

When we arrived at the hall it suddenly started to snow . . . like hell! It was horrible and we had to wait till 6pm. 

Fortunately, we could leave our jackets and bags in the checkroom, so I only had to carry my camera and we even had a good place in the front row! 

The supporting acts were Betraying The Martyrs, Motionless In White and While She Sleeps. They were all pretty good but I was happy when Asking Alexandria finally came on stage!

 photo aa_blog_13_zps128e7e08.jpg 
The banner (I don't know how to call it) fell down in the middle of a song and underneath was another banner with the cover of the Reckless & Relentless album. 

The first song was "welcome" which is more like an intro but I think it was the best song of all!
My heart began to beat so fast when they came on stage and played that song, it was an awesome feeling ♥
They performed all songs of the "Reckless & Relentless" album (except of "The Match") and songs of the "Stand up & Scream" album like "Not the american average", "Final episode", "a Prophecy" and "If you can't ride two horses at once you should get out of the circus".
 photo aa_blog_11_zps3d12b56f.jpg

 photo aa_blog_12_zps76ebdde7.jpg 
Oh Danny, what are you doing?! /D

It was so amazing ♥ I can't find any words to describe it.

Last but not least I want to show you a short video I made.

Well, like I wrote in my last entry I wanted to drive to Frankfurt today but when I woke up this morning I couldn't move my neck properly. (I'll never do headbanging again! >_<) and on top of this it was raining. So we canceled the trip to Frankfurt and took the next train to Karlsruhe.

I'm looking forward to the weekend ♥ I'll go out for some drink with two of my friends on Friday and on Saturday I'll drive to Kaiserslautern.

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  1. Deine Nackenschmerzen sind aber bei dieser guten Musik, vor allem von asking alexandria, berechtigt ^_^

    Hab ein schoenes Wochenende (und falls Du Fasching/Karneval(Fastnacht feierst-> wuensch ich Dir viel Spaß). C: