She thinks she’s made of candy ♪

Good evening! ☆彡 As I already wrote in my last entry, I ordered a new dream dress and it finally arrived last Wednesday. I was so excited when I unpacked it! (´∀`) Today I had enough time to take some prober photos of it. I hope I can make some photos in the snow with it in the next days. That would be awesome.

 photo blog_tears_06_zps6a9b696e.jpg
It's the "Glass bottle of tears" set by Angelic Pretty. When it was released in 2012 I knew I would buy it sooner or later.It's also my first dress which is NOT pink! I can't believe it,haha! :D

I'm still waiting for the matching bag and the shoes which are on their way. When everything arrived I'm doing the outside photoshooting (´∀`)

 photo blog_tears_09_zps601b380a.jpg

 photo blog_tears_07_zpsaf4b711d.jpg

 photo blog_tears_08_zpsaefca5ce.jpg

 photo blog_tears_12_zps97bbd520.jpg

 photo blog_tears_05_zpsbf1d1288.jpg

Today's makeup

 photo blog_tears_02_zps344deb28.jpg

 photo blog_tears_04_zpsa23f2ae6.jpg

 photo blog_tears_03_zpsb75988cb.jpg

 photo blog_tears_01_zpsc6774fa2.jpg



  1. Einfach schön *___* Deine Fotos sehen immer genial aus *Q*

  2. Steht Dir sehr gut. ^^
    Und Dein Makeup ist wie immer einfach toll. *_*

  3. wunderschoen !
    Auch Deine Wig steht Dir super und passt perfekt zum Kleid *__*