GEO Circle Lenses [Bambi Princess Mimi Chocolate brown]

As I promised, here's my GEO Circle Lenses review! GEO is a popular brand for Circle Lenses and many Lolitas and Gyarus (like Tsubasa Masuwaka) wear them to entlarge their eyes and to create a super cute doll-like look. I've ordered my lenses here: Eyecandylens .

I decided to choose brown lenses because my natural eye colour is blue/grey and I wanted to try another colour. The lenses I ordered are called "Bambi Princess Mimi Chocolate brown"



Here you can see the difference between my natural colour and the lenses.

With both lenses

With one lens
Without lenses


~ Review ~

Packaging & Shipping [5/5 points]
The lenses came in  a small package wrapped in bubble wrap. Of course they arrived safe! :)
Short shipping-information:
Standard shipping is FREE! because of that the lenses are a little bit more expensive than in other stores.You can also choose the faster method (EMS) but of course you have to pay a lot more for it.
Standard shipping takes about two weeks to arrive (in Germany).

Quality and comfort while wearing [4/5 points]
When I first put them, it felt a little bit strange and they get dry quite fast.
I had to wear them for a while till they get comfortable. I have to say, the more I wear them, the better it gets! ^_^

Colour  [5/5 points]
The colour is intense and covers perfect! The lenses entlarge my eyes pretty much, so I'm really
satisfied wit them.
Diameter: 15 mm!

Contact with shop owner [/] There was no need for me to contact the owner.
You get an e-mail when your lenses are shipped + tracking number.

I'm really happy with these circle lenses and I will definitely order more lenses from GEO! ♥

Just some more pictures in the end.





  1. OMG! Du siehst so süß aus !!!*Q* Klasse Review! Falls die Kontaktlinsen austrocknen solltest du unbedingt Augentropfen nehmen !Das tue ich auch immer! Besonders bei GEO Linsen ! Aus irgendeinem Grund trocknen die Geo Linsen so schnell aus!
    Naja aufjedenfall : TOLLE BILDER!!*Q*

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