It gets better!

After a long,long time I'm back with some news! As some of you might already know, I'm in my last school year and I'll have my final exams soon. After this year I'll attend the working life. The whole last year I wrote lots of application but I always received a rejection letter. BUT! I finally got a job offer from a computer company and I'll start with my training in September. I'm so happy right now! ♥ I'll work as a management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade then. You can't imagine how relieved I'm feeling now. I felt so depressed all the time because I thought I would be without work for the whole next year and this would be the worst thing ever for me! I got a lot of motivation for my exams now. Yaiii! ♥

In the end, I'll show you a picture of my new bag. So this post isn't too boring (´∀`)


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  1. Ohh herzlichen Glückwunsch!
    Meiner Schwester und meinem Freund geht es übrigens auch so, die beiden haben seit einem jahr keine ausbildung gefunden (er mittlere reife, sie abitur)
    es ist echt schwierig momentan arbeit zu bekommen.